Voice + Ukulele + Guitar for Singers

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Currently, due to COVID-19, I am only holding in-person lessons only for aged 12+ students who have been vaccinated.  I am happy to teach via zoom if that is your preference or if you are unable to get the vaccine.  Email me at with your student's name, age, and general availability for the Fall. 

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Lessons Info:

I have been teaching kids for over 15 years.  Out of my home studio in Pflugerville, TX (just 15 minutes north of downtown Austin), I teach voice and guitar/ukulele for singers, as well as songwriting and production. I've found that students learn better when they are learning what they WANT to learn, so I encourage kids to pick their own songs/styles to work on (although I'm happy to make recommendations).  I specialize in contemporary styles - pop, rock, country - while emphasizing the fundamental techniques for healthy singing!

Since moving to the Austin area from California (where I owned and operated a music school), I've been performing full-time as the singer/frontwoman for several bands, making recordings professionally out of my home studio, as well as writing/performing my own material.  I teach singing lessons and guitar/ukulele for singers! And I can help with songwriting and production in Logic Pro X. And, yes, I do teach adults.  Please contact me at for scheduling.

Lessons are 40 minutes held at the same time every week; $140 per month for 4 lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: All lessons will be taught online until it is safe again to meet in person.